10th YEAR Celebrations ... | #Bangkok #Travel #Vlog #DIML #ShrutiArjunAnand
Shruti Arjun Anand
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It’s been completed ten years of my Marriage on 21st, November. Super excited to share with you all that how we’ve celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary with my family in Bangkok, Thailand. We really had an amazing time and had lot of fun there. Hope you too will enjoy watching this vlog.
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Presented By: Shruti Anand
Edited By: Shubham Raj Verma

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  • Sujata barik
    Sujata barik

    Good Girl

  • Sami Bari
    Sami Bari

    what is your country name my name is yusra please please jaldi sa batai apni country ka name

  • Sami Bari
    Sami Bari

    I am going to the dream world

  • Ritu Tayal
    Ritu Tayal

    i have also gone here it is very nice

  • Smita Mandavkar
    Smita Mandavkar


  • Neelam Mahajan
    Neelam Mahajan

    Shruti this video was so sweet, amazing and lovely.......... Now please tell me what things did you buy in that market and mall...Happy Anniversary Arjun and Shruti

  • Pradip Purakayastha
    Pradip Purakayastha

    Very amazing

  • Dibya Shrestha
    Dibya Shrestha

    Shurti aap ka mom vi nisha ka mom ha

  • saubhagya Pathak
    saubhagya Pathak

    It was amazing...please foreign trip kaise plan karen..aur kaha Jaye..jishme kum kharcha aye

  • Surekha Gulekar
    Surekha Gulekar

    Amazing vlog ever


    Can I come where you live when I will finish my 10th standard?

  • Shahida Malik
    Shahida Malik

    I went to dolphin show it was amazing

  • Shahida Malik
    Shahida Malik

    In Thailand they are barbque popcorns

  • Amarjot singh chhabra
    Amarjot singh chhabra

    I am also going to banglok in 4 or 5 days so this video will surely help me a lot

  • Khushi Khan
    Khushi Khan

    Aapki beti bhot cute h

  • Sha gee
    Sha gee

    Kaun video clock video bnao clock video video video Mujhe

  • Twinkle rising star
    Twinkle rising star

    Main a Gai hun

  • Kiran Chauhan
    Kiran Chauhan


  • yashoda adhikari
    yashoda adhikari

    Please make vlog of nepal

  • Mosa Kahloon
    Mosa Kahloon

    I don,t like your videos because I am muslim

  • Anshika Goel
    Anshika Goel


  • kamini Reddy
    kamini Reddy

    The monkey one was very funny I laughed laughed and laughed I couldn't stop the place was so beautiful I fell going there but I stay in Uganda so my parents won't bring me

  • Arati Mondal
    Arati Mondal

    Anaya was watching cocomelon ,sharing is caring

  • Aneel Sohail
    Aneel Sohail

    Yes I also go to this market

  • Aneel Sohail
    Aneel Sohail

    I also go to safari park

  • Aneel Sohail
    Aneel Sohail

    I also go to dream world because i stay in Thailand

  • Pomlee Sengyung Hojai
    Pomlee Sengyung Hojai

    I'm going to be 9years in February so please wise me Shruti di

  • Rabia Yaqoob
    Rabia Yaqoob


  • Vijay Thakare
    Vijay Thakare


  • Vivo 2wow plese eating challeng
    Vivo 2wow plese eating challeng

    My miss Anand ke sath challenge kijiye happy anniversary

  • Uzma khan
    Uzma khan


  • Danuri Sherpa
    Danuri Sherpa

    Beautiful family

  • Ejaz Ali
    Ejaz Ali

    please make new video fast iam dua please you saw hi dua in video lifei am live in pakistan and i like your video you are so cute and beatiful and you saw for yourfriend thatevery one saw hi dua and mymissanad please yousawi love you dua in yourvideo and mymissanad and your friend please

  • Poonam Malhotra
    Poonam Malhotra

    I know because we went there last year

  • haisum baktashi
    haisum baktashi

    Shurti didi your blue eyeshadow is a little bit over sorry please don’t mind

  • Parma Lanzes
    Parma Lanzes

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  • Basudev Acharya
    Basudev Acharya

    My father is going already thiland


    Wow I am go a dream word

  • Asmita Redekar
    Asmita Redekar

    Who likes going to picnic🤩 👇 Hit like

    • jamatul Dava
      jamatul Dava



    Mene nahi

  • shivani kathuria
    shivani kathuria

    I also went to Bangkok in my holidays I also go to all the places you went and l also go to all places of Bangkok and l also live in this hotel only it also has swimming pool.


    Does Anaya watch cocomelon because my son too

  • Samrin Sarfaraz
    Samrin Sarfaraz

    I am in Thailand

  • Divisha Bajaj
    Divisha Bajaj

    I went to Pattaya and we booked a villa

  • Divisha Bajaj
    Divisha Bajaj

    I just went to safari world and marine park one week before

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    zubi khan

    So cute Meri babau so beautiful Mera bachcha

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    Sonam Patil

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  • Sonam Patil
    Sonam Patil


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    binu gurung

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    Poonam Gautam

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    sourav sinha

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    Anshu Vineet

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    Raheela Shaikh

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    Kallu Ali

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    Sandhya Goswami

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    Anand Kumar

    Ohhh Anu 10 years ki ho gyi pyaari gudiya bless you my child

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    Tanvi Pujara

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  • The Passioners
    The Passioners

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    Santosh Agnihotri

    you are so good SHRUTI ARJUN ANAND

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