16-inch MacBook Pro Unboxing and First Impressions!
Unboxing the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. I edited this entire video on it using FCPX!
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    • Roy B2st
      Roy B2st

      My fav cake ever

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      I think she does ASMR

      Heeɭɭɭɭ๏๏ ԃєяє


      Over here

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      Colin Hill

      iJustine right here, right here, pick me!!!🤣

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      Shivam Jaisingh

      Best type of cake ever made

  • Vort gamer
    Vort gamer

    What I like about you u r hype

  • Elmar live happy
    Elmar live happy

    can a macbook make u wet, orgasm and look dumb at the same time. obviously it can.

  • Top Things
    Top Things

    I LOVE YOU !

  • Jaz -
    Jaz -

    LOVE the sweater! Where is it from?

  • iAnderson Gaming
    iAnderson Gaming

    You guys have bought the AppleCare + warranty ?

  • floofydude

    Of course on the flight she uses every accessory

  • Genis Bibin
    Genis Bibin

    That was some genius editing @ 3:48😃

  • yusufroslan

    She is literally the "EverythingApple" girl. Watch: Apple Watch Phone: iPhone 11 Pro Laptop: MacBook Pro Tablet: iPad Pro She has them all!!! lol

  • TimTim Go
    TimTim Go

    Thank you for this video, Justine. :)

  • It’s Altamash
    It’s Altamash

    Does Apple give you free products ? If not they should...... you demonstrate their products better than them😂

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    newton bot

    you’re such a beauty

  • OOFedGamer 165 [Roblox and BeamNG.Drive]
    OOFedGamer 165 [Roblox and BeamNG.Drive]

    I for a second thought that the shift key was a shit key

  • Tommy Burgess
    Tommy Burgess

    LOL Your iCloud must be 900gb storage. I can’t even imagine.

  • Tommy Burgess
    Tommy Burgess

    When are their screens going to be touch screen though?

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    Colin Hill

    church st? portland?

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    Josef Hazael

    I'll like u

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    iAnderson Tech Savvy

    My very favourite video

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    Another great product by Apple to be found here: amzn.to/2tJA58w

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  • Everything Videos
    Everything Videos

    You must be one of apple serious fans cause every time you do an unboxing you act like it's the most beautiful product.

    • Everything Videos
      Everything Videos

      @Alicia Rice No I've watched her videos many of times she acts so stupid when she unboxes anything apple related I bought my 1st MacBook pro yesterday spent $4,000+ for MacBook Pro & Ipad Air 3 & my 2nd Samsung Galaxy S10+ & you?

    • Alicia Rice
      Alicia Rice

      Everything Videos you must be new here

  • Mustanglvl

    Can I have one of your old MacBook i can pay a little bit, I'm selling my gaming pc to help my mum pay for my schooling and I need a laptop for schoolwork

  • A R
    A R

    who else watching this on a MacBook pro 16 inch

  • Sandro L.
    Sandro L.

    It still is a dongle book pro so it sucks now they had space for usb3 and hdmi but they keep removing them which has no sense i hate dongles will never upgrade to this touchbar shit who wants a touchbar btw 🤷‍♂️

  • Kreativity

    “Omg. This smells like red velvet “- loved she she said that. I rewatched again and again. I’m like really?! Lol!

  • David Michael
    David Michael

    Awesome video and dedication! I literally thought the same @10:43 with the sandwich...on the new keyboard! Now off to buy! My wife is going to kill me buying this after the Navigator Black Label. Have an extra sofa?!

  • Coach JT
    Coach JT

    iJustine when I first saw your videos, for some reason, I thought you were annoying. But now I know I was totally wrong! The more I watch, the more I appreciate how authentic you are, and that you know your stuff! You've got a new subscriber! (But you already have a ton! Just thought you should know). Keep up the awesome videos!

  • Shivam Jaisingh
    Shivam Jaisingh

    Cool macbook

  • JJ Karamel
    JJ Karamel

    What did the librarian say to the kids Read more

  • Felipe

    I have an Air from 2017 with 'works' keyboard. And I will wait for next generation of 13" Pro with the same 16" Keys, without butterfly keyboard problems.

  • Tine Daños
    Tine Daños

    I'm still waiting for 17".... heheh :)

  • buzman1985

    May I have your old one?

  • Fatchoi 27
    Fatchoi 27

    My Colour For Apple Products In Order In Which I Would Buy First; RED, GOLD, SPACE GREY, ROSE GOLD, THEN SILVER.

  • Fatchoi 27
    Fatchoi 27

    What Is The"RACK MOUNT" Mac Pro For? Why Would Any But 2 Or More Mac Pro and Mount Them Together?

  • Chessmapling

    macbooks look so nice i just don't understand how so many people are able to afford them

  • Liron Dadon
    Liron Dadon

    O God I'm so jellice

  • FishinWithMikee

    She gets it all for free

  • 2SlowMusic

    still have my old 15" 2009 Macbook Pro, and maybe it's time to upgrade. 😂

  • Poneysquad300 Squishy
    Poneysquad300 Squishy

    Guys did anyone else know that you can use Touch ID on it I didn’t know that

  • AJ Holka
    AJ Holka

    “this one is larger because it’s a larger screen” -justine, 2019

  • Pavithra Vishal
    Pavithra Vishal

    Apple, Macbook Pro Disclimer: This is just my Point of View and Request to Apple. I am not against apple or its products but I am just requesting few features to be added or added back to Macbook Line up. This review should be taken possitively and worked upon. Please do Bring Back Magsafe, Apple Logo and ports. Enough of thinner macs now. Please ! (If customers want a thinner alternative they have Macbook Air(s) for that) Macbooks are getting thinner and thinner and nothing else. If you say its faster than the old ones so its better, why would I buy a "MACBOOK" ? I mean any computer for that reason is faster (I mean even a windows computer can be faster). Glowing Apple Logo and Magsafe are now missing and these two striking features made me buy a mac instead of windows. If you ask me whether performance is important, "Indeed it is !" but let me tell you that macbooks are losing big time when it comes to performance too. Why? "You removed ports !" Ok, You call it "Futuristic!" I don't care about future if I can't satisfy my needs today!. I have heard people saying that Apple has strictly refused to bring back the Glowing Apple Logo and Magsafe! Why?! I mean, Why will any company for that reason refuse completely to bring back a feature that the customers demand? Is it Cost-Cutting? If yes, then a company like Apple should not worry about cost after charging such a high price. If u still worry about costs, then slash down your macbook's price (I am ready to compromise for a lower price). If you have any other reason for this then please, I and many other consumers would like to know it. Ok! I agree when u say USB-Cables are most-used when compared to MagSafe but give MagSafe as another option (I mean another magsafe port) and I will choose which port I should use to charge my Mac. What Apple and companies that make and sell status-symbol goods should understand is that when people pay such high prices they will not be ready to compromise on anything be it design or performance. Disclimer: This is just my Point of View and Request to Apple. I am not against apple or its products but I am just requesting few features to be added or added back to Macbook Pro Line up. This review should be taken possitively and worked upon. If all these features are introduced I am sure macbooks will do great.

  • yasser shahin
    yasser shahin

    Hiiiiii, i am a subscriber from Egypt i need to any mac book pro as i am student but it coasted much in our country and i haven't enough money to buy so can you help me,please?

  • turhill

    Ne yedin içtin arkadaşşşş :) :) Afiyet olsun.

  • Subbu Subbu
    Subbu Subbu

    Love you

  • Garvin putra
    Garvin putra

    No one: Justine: *five hundred*

  • Cat alina
    Cat alina

    when she put the drink right next to her new MacBook I was nervous that there was going to be turbulence and I was like "Justine watch out! Not too close bc it might spill!" Love U IJustine

  • nyan

    i got the 13 inch one for christmas. i’ve never owned a macbook before and i had to lookup how to make a shortcut 😳 oop

  • Chei Richards
    Chei Richards

    I subscribed as soon as you played tool, nice...

  • julio orozco
    julio orozco

    I would like to see you review the Alienware laptop and compare with the Mac book pro that would be awesome.

  • Ridwan Pangestu
    Ridwan Pangestu

    YEAH TOOL!!!!!!!

  • Dark & Twisted
    Dark & Twisted

    The absolute best New MacBook review of them all!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • J-dog Potato
    J-dog Potato

    Sometimes I say, “ Keep it pristine. Like iJustine” 😹😹😹😹

  • Bryan Castaneda
    Bryan Castaneda

    Do you happen to have any extra of these lying around. Way too expensive for me

  • Random Junk
    Random Junk

    Wait Justine likes Tool 😱🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

  • Steven Georges
    Steven Georges

    Fun video! Ordering my 16" this Thursday (can't believe my work is paying for it). Replacing my Early 2011 MacBook Pro (upgraded with 2012 motherboard, max ram, and two 1TB SSDs) I don't get new mac's very often. I'm as excited as a kid staring at my presents under the Christmas tree.

  • Benard Leems Mugisha
    Benard Leems Mugisha

    I hate the way the keyboard is designed. Words like "enter, caplocks, control, etc" start with the lower case letters. I would like to have them like "Enter, Ctrl, Shift, etc" Pass on my comment to apple guys. Thanks iJustine.

  • Memes for_ Life
    Memes for_ Life

    Who else feels poor after watching this

  • kingpunk84

    She said it’s literally 1” larger which is not correct, the 15” MacBook Pro has a 15.4” display. This one has a 16” display.


    Hey Justine can you find out if apple brings 11inch,12inch and 14 inch macbook pro lineup and I still waiting on a 17inch in the macbook pro lineup but I'm heard the 11inch macbook air get a update and 12inch 14inch 17inch in the macbook air lineup can you check this out please ma'am I will be to see do a video on this

  • circlebamboo10000

    I bought one today. I chose to get 1TB hard drive opted for 64GB memory instead of 32GB. Is that right that the hard drive size should not affect the speed performance?