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    • warriors academy
      warriors academy

      सर जी आप कुछ फण्ड करो Pm fund m

    • bhanu pratap rankawat
      bhanu pratap rankawat

      @ sir, why in delhi people come out side?? This is due to any political, international,social media, news channel,??? Who is responsible for this?? Sir look at this matter? These people fail the lockdown!!!! What you thik frnds..???

    • Kailash Chandra
      Kailash Chandra

      Difference b/w emergency and lockdown????????

    • Bhagyesh Patel
      Bhagyesh Patel

      Study IQ education - first thing is that I think you forgot to tell about viruses are named after their origin/place. Secondly you don’t know if there was a msg sent to Iran, and also there was not direct involvement of Spain so it’s a same thing. Saudi Arabia was the representing Middle East so no need of Iran. You didn’t talked about Chinese raising point on there benefits so think like remove global tariffs. Who was beneficiary because they are getting more funds which is a good thing, but also they spread misinformation about COVID-19 and didn’t named it after the place where it came from. And why so, because China is major donor of who’s funds. And you raising and hiding the fact is so cleaver. Hahahaha


      Sir wo vaccine k bare me btaiye Jo ek lady pe try Kiya gya tha, wo success hua ya nhi sir

  • Astha Dhyani
    Astha Dhyani

    India is being mature in this situation. That's good

  • Lalit Thakur
    Lalit Thakur

    Sr make a video on "center government had cut DA of there employes for 2 year.


    Between these two country a student career is getting most effected

  • Deep Sanghvi
    Deep Sanghvi

    Iran ko bhi include karna chaahiye tha in this situation

  • Vikash Chandra
    Vikash Chandra

    Sir Switzerland is not a member of EU

  • T- Music
    T- Music

    New and sexy video dekne ke liye sbscribe kore T music channel video link Matraghola national park album video

  • Vipul Yadav
    Vipul Yadav

    *thank you*

  • Bhanu Pratap
    Bhanu Pratap

    People of Iran should be considered and temporary removal of sanctions should be done, USA Should act as a responsible person

  • Orange Highlighter
    Orange Highlighter

    China di bond lo sabi


    Video sir


    Nice pic sir

  • abhijit deokar
    abhijit deokar

    Made in China viruses 🦠..?

  • Quniel Pago
    Quniel Pago

    Apka explanations bht faltu hai....

  • vinod reddy
    vinod reddy

    Sir please upload the videos in English unable to understand hindi please requesting you to upload in English

  • Archana Kumari
    Archana Kumari

    Xi zinping + China govt +WHO= Corona virus In me se bhi kisi ne bhi duniya ko pahle agah kiya hota toh situation itni na bigadati.😡

  • Prem Dhawan
    Prem Dhawan

    Sirf M.L.A Hi nhi har mantri 4000 se jayada h lakho de skte h y mauka deshsewa ka h

  • village rockster group
    village rockster group

    Tnx sir for your valuable videos... ..

  • Sandeep Rao
    Sandeep Rao

    Matlab... economy ko kharaab karna

  • jatinder singh
    jatinder singh

    Due to USA millions of people died in middle East on the name of democracy and freedom and till today millions more will die in Iran ...

  • Anil Vala
    Anil Vala

    Described it in one word = Chinese Virus😤

  • Brijesh Kumar singh
    Brijesh Kumar singh

    This is time to leave all the issues with Iran and all G20 countries have to help them


    WHO BE LIKE - सौ चूहे खाकर बिल्ली हज को चली ।

  • Sidharth

    Iran Sanctions should not be lifted till the Human Rights Abuse there are accepted and a UN Tribunal punishes all Guilty.

  • Rohan Kumar
    Rohan Kumar

    Us aur Chinese Puri duniya barbaad KR degi

  • Pravin Suvarna
    Pravin Suvarna

    Saudi jaha Iran Kaha

  • Vijai Yadav
    Vijai Yadav

    Wuhan Virus

  • vikas singh
    vikas singh

    Jinpin viruus


    Tramp sahi kaha

  • Jyotsana Yadav
    Jyotsana Yadav

    Thanks alot from Bottom of My Heart .....kisi bhi Topic pe Sbse phle ap vedios le k ate h .....thank you so much

  • Pallavi D
    Pallavi D

    Don't Chinese have heart??

  • Vijay Tumma
    Vijay Tumma

    Hey prashant it's always wonderfull and nice to watch your vidi by study iq... Can you please make one video on china whu the 8 million telephone users where switched offed during period from jan to feb... I just want to know is it true china lied and people died... They r hiding so many thing... Please make a video on that i am waiting for it

  • Shobhit Gupta
    Shobhit Gupta

    Myanmar throughout Rohingya Because past history's never be silent Afghanistan was the Buddhist country but it was changed to Islamic countries.

  • R.A. Shukla
    R.A. Shukla

    सबका ठेका न लो।

  • keval patel
    keval patel

    Thank u sir💐👌

  • Jyoti singh
    Jyoti singh

    China ko gali dena stop kigye agr India se koi virus spread hoga to kya aap India ko responsible manenge aur other countries ki galiyaa sunenge


    Infant mortality rate

  • sneha

    Trump is bold president, he can't be tamed not by China atleast.

  • Rintu Kanrar
    Rintu Kanrar

    Isi iran nehi kuchdin pahle dilli dunga ke bareme harek Hindu aur sarkar ko dosh derahatha ise madat nehi karna chahiye

  • Dinesh Rai
    Dinesh Rai

    Govt arrange CCTV camera in each mandir, masjid, gurudwara, church n control to be given to local police n daily reports to IB.

  • kushilender kumar
    kushilender kumar

    If we could say Spanish Flu,Why we can't say Chinese Virus?

  • Dev Sarkar
    Dev Sarkar

    Sir plz make video on the influence of COVID 19 on Chinese Economics.

  • Sharad Raut
    Sharad Raut

    China 😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • tatu_ reaper
    tatu_ reaper

    It's China virus

  • pranav shah
    pranav shah

    china should give money to all countries it's their responsibility....

  • Parag Hule
    Parag Hule

    school , college , office jaise bacho aur ladies in logo ko ek alag alag room me akele me band karo fir dekho coronavirus apne aap kam ho jaayegaa ,

  • Parag Hule
    Parag Hule

    India me coronavirus stop ho saktaa hai , Agar pachad pachad karnaa band kar de to , Ladies aur youths ko groups banaake pachad pachad karne kaa bohot sok hai , Inkaa pachad pachad band karaao fir dekho virus apne aap stop ho jaayegaa ,

  • mahendrasinh

    Summit ka link bhejo

  • Ankit kain
    Ankit kain

    Now, wait U.S.A. will definitely take revenge, nobody knows what U.S.A. is hiding under its sleeves,

  • Amit chauhan Rajput
    Amit chauhan Rajput

    Sir fela to chaina se hi h to chaina virus sahi kh rehe h


    I think USA removed senksection Iran

  • Golden Apple
    Golden Apple

    Its was good decision. In future they have to held virtual summit bcz a lot of money we can save.

  • Changing the world
    Changing the world


  • Golden Apple
    Golden Apple

    Attack on china destroy it.

  • Gayatri Pal
    Gayatri Pal

    G-20 तो सही है, पर अपना कंट्री ज्यादा जरुरी है आनंन्द विहार टर्मिनल सारी मेहनत पर पानी फेर दिया।😱😱👎👎👎

  • A K Singh
    A K Singh

    kutta hai china😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • Pompy Das
    Pompy Das

    Tell me why it should not be call as chinese virus ?

  • murtuza taak
    murtuza taak

    जिस देश में जनसंख्या कम हो रही है यानी मर रहे हैं वहां महा शक्ति हो जाएंगे विदेशों में 10 साल 12 साल में बीमारी होती है और जनसंख्या कम हो जाती है एशिया में भुखमरी गरीबी इसलिए है के यहां मौत का आंकड़ा कम है

  • jayaz sher
    jayaz sher

    Notebandi aur lockdown dono he mismanagement ka natija hai..

  • Dipu Kabiraj
    Dipu Kabiraj

    Chineese should be Isolated..

  • Sarang Joshi
    Sarang Joshi

    the only country concerned in this summit compared to these US and China is INDIA... (don't politicize )

  • Ashutosh Gupta
    Ashutosh Gupta

    Chaina se aaya h to China ka bolege naa

  • Hrl Khatri
    Hrl Khatri

    Covid 19 nahi... Chinese corona...only Chinese corona. Made in made by china

  • dhani UPRETi
    dhani UPRETi

    I just wanna to ask from where u collect these informations These. Are actually good

  • Hungama Fun
    Hungama Fun

    Puri duniya ko bimaar kar diya ab bade aasani se puri duniya me apne medical products bech rha he china. Such a shame👿😡

  • Anshu Mishra
    Anshu Mishra

    Thank you Sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Vivek Singh
    Vivek Singh

    Good trump

  • Dilip Bhattacharjee
    Dilip Bhattacharjee

    Prashant you are an excellent narrator !!!!

  • Anas khan
    Anas khan

    I think india is not g20 anymore 🤔 🤔 🤔

  • keshav sharma
    keshav sharma

    dont help pakisthan with money

  • Priyanka Arora
    Priyanka Arora

    Maintain distance and hygiene and follow the rules and help each other 🇮🇳🏜

  • Kumar Loh
    Kumar Loh

    100% tariff to All Made in China products.

  • Anushka Chaudhury
    Anushka Chaudhury

    chin is the main culprit..they made coronavirus to destroy earth..

  • kapish gupta
    kapish gupta

    u missed that he also talked about changes in who

  • Upendra Singh
    Upendra Singh

    WHO funded by China

  • Shaurya Pawar
    Shaurya Pawar

    Sir, why are you not talking about the relief fund that Chi** is giving to WHO?

  • Prasanna Bv
    Prasanna Bv

    a hand full of foreign return Indians who requested for days to return.. Vs lakhs of Indian migrant workers just walking away without any info.. Is too difficult to manage all of sudden.. I hope this situation will be resolved soon 🙏

  • nandan kumar
    nandan kumar

    Sir plz don't say covrd 19 it's Chinese viruse

  • Prasant Kumar
    Prasant Kumar

    Ohh mere bhai iran ne to usa se(yaa ni international community) help lene ko mana kar dia!!! Wo to ye bol raha hai k pura kissa_hi america ka kia dhara hai.!!!!!!!

  • ankit kumar
    ankit kumar

    Please call always Wuhan Virus

Thank you for everything
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