Eat Like A Girl | I Ate Goat Testicles At 17,582 Feet Ft. Tenzing Wang | Ok Tested
OK Tested
Ladakh, it's every bikers dream destination, but for the uninitiated yahan momos aur thukpa ke elava bohut kuch hai. Watch as Tenzing eats some raw meat, testicles and a lung. Watch more on the Zomato App-

  • Antara Halder
    Antara Halder

    I really 😍this kind why u Don't made new episode of it

  • Z rai
    Z rai

    Firstly you should watch korean mukbanger and then learn the appreciate every food taste and who it made . Then do food hunter ok tested

  • JR Productions
    JR Productions

    So you finish the bowl of FREAKING BALLS but you puke at the slight taste of lungs. LOL

  • JR Productions
    JR Productions

    I laughed out loud when she said Ouch my boob 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ansh Arora
    Ansh Arora

    3:40 ye got ki lulli thi

  • Hirakant Jha
    Hirakant Jha

    When she inserted the fork in the balls , i felt the pain bro

  • Himanshu Sharma
    Himanshu Sharma

    3:10 the left guy in grey shirt . Is he dead or what he is not moving at all if you countiue watch him lol I was watching him only he he

  • Arun Sharma
    Arun Sharma

    Bhai ye bandi kya kha gyiiii...

    • Arun Sharma
      Arun Sharma


  • PalsLivesLife

    I am shuddering just tinking about the goat balls.. lol

  • ASM Cute Teen
    ASM Cute Teen

    I just came back to see if there was any comment about corona 👀👀,

  • Nitu Wadhawan
    Nitu Wadhawan

    tht was awesom.... even i had eaten all of these... and my fav is lungs and the paya soup... and i had once tried goat testicles which was surprisin good... addin up have once tries buffalo tongue and ears ....😱😱 can u imagine....😣😣😣 ufff

  • Abd Mo
    Abd Mo

    I love eating goats lungs,kidney,liver and every part of it. Specially the throat part

  • shanu7430

    Bakray ke kapooray zaitoon ke tail me! 😂😂😂


    At 3:35 Piche kya rohit baitha hai???? Bcoz he too have pony (choti) like the guy sitting behind her......


    ask for 'gurda-kaleji' goat lungs and lever in purani dilli u will definitely love it.

  • Ten L
    Ten L

    You can’t have a food show and and just eat a nibble .. what’s the damn point

  • Killswitch69

    You should eat first before even knowing it what it is

  • arjun Goyal
    arjun Goyal

    Just came to dislike it. Insensitivity towards animals.

  • Mayur Das
    Mayur Das

    did someone just woke up one day and thought "hey,let's try some goat balls"?

  • Surbhi Verma
    Surbhi Verma

    Khataro ke khiladi ka season bna rhe h ab ye. But it was amazing to watch such videos.

  • Bunty B
    Bunty B

    Don’t have food uncooked


    Literally human beings are worst animals

  • Sharib

    Bhul Mt china me ky huwa hai unusual food kii wajah se

  • Ten Dolma
    Ten Dolma

    10:14 ♥️

  • Hasnath Ka
    Hasnath Ka

    i just love this girl....😘


    0:41 Goat 'balls'! Seriously Miss Tenzing? 😂

  • duku bee
    duku bee

    Tero baje Ko Tila...gimak Tai kaile dekhi gross Bhayo....fake bhutia don't call your self bhutia if you never had these bhutia food before. K saro acting gareko

  • Troll God
    Troll God

    Idk why people get weirded out eating kidney, liver and intestines of animals... it tastes great! especially cow kidney/liver/intestines!

  • Hammad Uz Zafar
    Hammad Uz Zafar

    She tried well but who doesn't eat lungs and bdw try eating goat's kheeri

  • Lavii singh
    Lavii singh


  • Isenmile Shamson
    Isenmile Shamson

    Oh god! Please protect my balls! 🦲🦲

  • Isenmile Shamson
    Isenmile Shamson

    "Namza" café! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Khushi Muskaan
    Khushi Muskaan

    Its weird what positive thing will happen if you either half or full goat aada khaya b toh khaya h pure se kya hoga!

  • Khushi Muskaan
    Khushi Muskaan

    Shes so cool i love her !!

  • Aj Styles
    Aj Styles

    Is it only me who gets turned on just watching her lips eating

  • 20shourya

    lol just imagine her breath after eating all that.

  • mohd faizan
    mohd faizan

    Tenzing(tatte wali) 🤣🤣

  • Star volgs
    Star volgs

    dude wtf she says basically a lot

  • Arun Panicker
    Arun Panicker

    Beauty with guts and brains..!!

  • Abhishek Gupta
    Abhishek Gupta

    Having a crush on Tenzing 😆

  • Rakshita Saxena
    Rakshita Saxena

    I really wished this was click bait 😅

  • Ayush Dubey
    Ayush Dubey

    Balls ye kya rahi aur thandi meri ball paas rahi

  • Kajol Nanavati
    Kajol Nanavati

    Are you even human?

  • sanskriti chowdhary
    sanskriti chowdhary

    Though m a non vegetarian but still I can’t do this I was feeling little gross 🤮

  • Manmeet Sachdev
    Manmeet Sachdev

    Thodi der ke leye waha goti Mu me tha

  • Sangam Rai
    Sangam Rai


  • Kshinoian

    I saw all this while eating a dairy milk silk. Wow. Hats off to me cuz I'm a vegetarian. 😪

  • Kshitij Tyagi
    Kshitij Tyagi

    You've got some balls.

  • karrola lavanya
    karrola lavanya

    M 4m telangana..n v eat goat lung liver kidney testis brain head intestine..blood too..n I eat lik a girl..m a

  • Keval Bhagat
    Keval Bhagat

    I liked the beep wala part 😂

  • Shamala

    Which lipstick u have applied dear...????

  • krupa gajjar
    krupa gajjar

    Now she's ready to be a part of bear grylls show

  • Rigzin Tamchos
    Rigzin Tamchos

    She just ate goat’s ball and the next moment she almost puked while eating lungs 😂😂

  • Emi Sen
    Emi Sen


  • back

    What is goat testicles tho?


    8:17 Because of bleep I couldn't understand what she is eating

  • The Youtuber Maddy
    The Youtuber Maddy

    I m weird.... If you know what i mean.... 😂😂😂😂

  • vlog-slog with shreya
    vlog-slog with shreya

    Aaye Haye bechari.. Salary ke liye Kya Kya krna pdta h..🤣🤣🤣

  • Simz V
    Simz V

    She is a zombie😂

  • Hash Ranjn
    Hash Ranjn

    Wouldn't u give birth to.a baby goat 9 months later