FASTEST CAR, YOUNGEST DRIVER - driving a $200,000 sports car with Lando Norris
the trip to Vegas, hanging w Lando and driving the McLaren all possible because of OnePlus.
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  • J4scall

    I have a onepluss 6

  • Abisekh Sarkar
    Abisekh Sarkar

    Khankir chele

  • red 1980s toyota 4runner with stripes
    red 1980s toyota 4runner with stripes

    made the thumbnail look like elon musk lol

  • John Ley
    John Ley

    Casey our the battery in fire proof bag the will never have problem

  • Michael Whiley
    Michael Whiley

    Wicked video

  • Little Bull
    Little Bull

    Another cat that lost it all at the tables and has never made it home. Forced to make a living selling pussy.


    Vlogs getting worst and worst, silly and sillier weird and weirder shity and shitier


    Different week simullar shit common NEISTAT vlogshiting

  • Björn

    Why the hell would I want the rear cameras on my phone to disappear? Absolutely useless gimmick

  • CR III
    CR III

    The mall grab tho💀

  • مدرسة المواهب لكرة القدم الناظور
    مدرسة المواهب لكرة القدم الناظور

    Can you sponsored my football school please

  • Amer Hussein
    Amer Hussein


  • VaultRoach Fallout
    VaultRoach Fallout


  • AL3X2580

    Is it not a legal requirement to wear a helmet when skating?

  • four passports
    four passports

    Soup of the day... What was it? Did you like it?

  • lifesweet enuh
    lifesweet enuh

    Wow @lifesweetenuh

  • Luis Carlos
    Luis Carlos

    Casey : What your first car? Lando Norris : Nah ... a minI then a Reunault then a *MCLAREN*

  • helicart

    6:55 yep that about sums up Mr Neistat

  • kzkjsshjdkesjddhdjdjdodv

    Bugatti is faster Than McLaren

  • Henney Coco
    Henney Coco

    Hello brother

  • Andis Tec Channel
    Andis Tec Channel

    Nice Car ..... i love it

  • Gold grinder
    Gold grinder

    The only time i've heard Lando as name was Lando Calrissian in Star Wars.

  • Peter H
    Peter H

    Casey, you’re such a good guy!

  • rodrrico

    Ironic that a well established iPhone and Samsung user is given this opportunity to play with a phone they would probably never buy by choice - amazing times we live in!

  • Lightnight

    Is it weird I actually have the OnePlus +6 phone while watching

  • Mouad_Mj vlogs
    Mouad_Mj vlogs

    Thank you to every friend and friend who brought joy to my heart by subscribing to my channel.

  • Tv Loki
    Tv Loki

    Super video

  • maria guerrero
    maria guerrero

    Quiero...casarme con tigo bb

  • london gessnerr
    london gessnerr

    I like the cat

  • Ahmed Al-mahmoud
    Ahmed Al-mahmoud

    هنا الكويت Here is Kuwait

  • Juan Ortega
    Juan Ortega

    Brilliant like always.

  • Ish

    i thought the tesla roadster is going to be faster.

  • Lisa Elissa
    Lisa Elissa

    Awesome drone shots, also, what a dear kitten! ❤🤗👍

  • wajdi hanafizm
    wajdi hanafizm


  • ari untung
    ari untung

    What camera do you use right now casey!!! What lense was used in this video, i mean its wide but could do bokeh

  • Andrew LaGrotta
    Andrew LaGrotta

    Las Vegas is one of my favorite cities in America, however it is definitely not pedestrian friendly!

  • TheBriforce

    Dumb and Dumber reference? respect

  • Owlinger

    The video is nice but the function on the phone is kinda useless. :)



  • Ronald Rusev
    Ronald Rusev

    this is not the fastest car!

  • Keto Beach
    Keto Beach

    Casey don't look now but you're morphing into a combination of Jay Leno and Seinfeld. Except you stop for soup instead of coffee.

  • Ivan B
    Ivan B

    I live in Vegas and that drive down Charleston into red rock is amazing. Best thing to do when you want to escape the city

  • Daniel England
    Daniel England

    I'm sure David Dobrik and SeatGeek could get you a McLaren lol.

  • Anand Kumar
    Anand Kumar

    Please make a movie Casey please waiting big fan 🙏😘

  • Muhammad Rohimin
    Muhammad Rohimin

    Hello my new friend .. Amazing your PAsoftsr Is the best many . My from indonesian .

  • juan zatarain
    juan zatarain

    You make great vids but ur sound work is horrendous my boi


    Does anyone remember when he stayed at Roman Atwood’s place?

  • Kevin Ichter
    Kevin Ichter

    I'm not sure how long Will Smith has had his PAsofts Channel, but thought it was cool that C-Dog (Casey) has almost 4 million more subscribers!?

  • XIANSTOI 101
    XIANSTOI 101

    How is you video quality still great at 360p? Compress? Thanks a lot.

  • iNNeRKaoS

    Should've made this particular video ultrawide to fit a OnePlus screen.

  • Andres Decock Vlogs
    Andres Decock Vlogs

    Just love your channel man!! Your the man, you motivated me to start my youtube channel according your video's! just like every video that you post! Love this

  • Xứ Nghệ TV
    Xứ Nghệ TV


  • ЮЧЕР

    *Who's watching that from OnePlus?* 🤗

  • Joe Vlog
    Joe Vlog

    Amazing car and phone


    Casey, man, you should test out that new electric skateboard called SUMMERBOARD! looks like alot of fun..

  • Bilal Aslam
    Bilal Aslam

    February 15, 2020 will mark 10 years since Casey started this channel!

  • Big load Of apples
    Big load Of apples

    If your up to it , daily vlogs man take it to 20 million

  • Custos Venetus
    Custos Venetus

    Do you work? Like earning money the just way? Labor work.

  • mxamiss5

    A friend sold the phone within a month

  • Alysson Soares
    Alysson Soares

    Someone from Brazil thats also watch Casey??🇧🇷🇧🇷😊