Full Talk #1 By Sandeep Maheshwari - How to practically change your life?
Sandeep Maheshwari
"Questioning is the beginning of intelligence."
Sandeep Maheshwari is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and contentment. Just like any middle class guy, he too had a bunch of unclear dreams and a blurred vision of his goals in life. All he had was an undying learning attitude to hold on to. Rowing through ups and downs, it was time that taught him the true meaning of his life.
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  • Sandeep Maheshwari
    Sandeep Maheshwari

    "Questioning is the beginning of intelligence."

    • Avinash Tonde
      Avinash Tonde

      500 th comment

    • Akash Mondal
      Akash Mondal


    • duleshwar vaishnav
      duleshwar vaishnav

      Questioning to yourself is not right because answers comes from our mind and that answers are based on our knowledge .. basically we have to improve knowledge. Answers must be in positive way. Otherwise any negative answers make us more dull

    • krishnakant jani
      krishnakant jani

      Paka mat chal

  • Tripti Gupta
    Tripti Gupta

    In this session When you said ki agr aapko vo kaam krne mein maza aa rha h jismein aapko demotivation mil rhi toh bhi vo kaam kro jo krne mein maza aa rha h. This situation happened with me atleast 10 times. Jab jab mera kaam "WORK IN PROGRESS" hota tha tb tb I got demotivation by the words "YEH ACHA NII LAG RHA, RHENE DE, NII HOGA TUJHSE" but jab mera vo particular kaam complete ho jaata tha & mera vo particular kaam complete hone k baad jab sab mera vo particular kaam dekhte. the tb. "EVERYONE APPRECIATED ME A LOT FOR MY THAT PARTICULAR WORK".

  • NiK

    Thank you! Sir! For this priceless information! You are great!! You are my inspiration!!!

  • suvam sadhukhan
    suvam sadhukhan

    sir can you please tell me the place where these sessions are held? I wish to attend your sessions.

  • anshu vish
    anshu vish

    Sandeep sir you are make a video for student .

  • Rajneesh

    I learned from this session: connect your life dots and keep connecting your dots.

  • Nutan Rawat
    Nutan Rawat


  • Vivek Lodhi
    Vivek Lodhi

    Sir apse kense contct kare

  • Mira vlog
    Mira vlog

    Sir make a video about how to deal with fake friends?? How to ignore bad comments??

  • Komal Kumari
    Komal Kumari

    Hello sir

  • Kabir Shakya
    Kabir Shakya

    My dream- Sandeep sir ka live seminar aatend krna Sandeep sir- let's big hand for him 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kalpesh rawal
    Kalpesh rawal

    आप के शब्द मानो अमृत की धारा 💕💕 spirituality पर आपका कोई जवाब नही । मैं बड़ी बेसब्री से इन्तज़ार करता हू। आपकी कही अष्ठावक्र गीता लाजबाब है ।

  • Tony. Sha
    Tony. Sha

    Sir plz explain how to set a study planing?

  • Anubhav Singh
    Anubhav Singh

    Audience chutiye hai... Wha sunne Gye ho bolne nhi gadhon!

  • Yogesh Bharambe
    Yogesh Bharambe

    Sir please keep uploading more full talks videos

  • Bhim Bhandari thank you
    Bhim Bhandari thank you

    May God's greatest honor mind of sandeep sir how to make??????????it please🤲🤔🤲😥

  • Dean Ambrose
    Dean Ambrose

    Chal bhosdike

  • Manii Boy
    Manii Boy

    Sir how to restablishment of india On the basis of economics ( indian company should be establish not foreign) On the level of thoughts( means minimize the negative prospects towards boys and girls and society) or courrption (stricts rules or ek aisa team jo kafi sensitive information ko capture kar usko roke )and culture (cultural eduction in the begging of student life ) And minimize illegal works in favour of our nation .... How can reach to every people to give a deep understanding of what is right or wrong .

  • ਧੱਕ ਪਾਊ ਮਹਿਕਮਾ
    ਧੱਕ ਪਾਊ ਮਹਿਕਮਾ

    Sir jab Carrier ke bare maan Kush samj Nhi aya , Carrier ke bhut options haan .usme jab try kia to fail ho jata Hun asy maan Kiya karna chahiya ,or Mene pehli bar Kush pucha ha

  • Rahul Kumar Yadav
    Rahul Kumar Yadav

    Aim se desire ko jod ke motivated raha ja sakta hai.. Do what you love to do..

  • Aniket m.
    Aniket m.

    What is the biggest obstacle or roadblock that is stopping me from reaching my goal, such that if I get ride of it,I will become unstoppable ?


    Sir is one sided love is love or attraction??? please reply....

  • Secrets Unlocked
    Secrets Unlocked

    Koti koti pranam

  • Ravi Mewara
    Ravi Mewara

    Hello Sandeep Maheshwari ji main aapki sari video dekhta hun daily one video bahut achcha motivation karte ho sir aap

  • zain ahmed
    zain ahmed

    Dude I love you for sharing your knowledge. Please upload more of these full talks.

  • Indian Jayka
    Indian Jayka


  • Manish Sonkar
    Manish Sonkar

    Thank you thank you thank you so much sandeep sir.

  • Parth n team
    Parth n team

    Thanks a lot sir for giving me right direction

  • Adv. Naresh Chander
    Adv. Naresh Chander

    *Where the question come that is also a question?*

  • GOKUL saini
    GOKUL saini

    Sendy sir ji muje Bhi live Video dekhni h

  • bharat singh meena
    bharat singh meena

    Very nice sir 👍👍

  • Multiplier

    2:19 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Krushna Wagh
    Krushna Wagh

    Sir, plzz aap aur depth mai Relationship ka video banao..!!

  • Atush Nazeer
    Atush Nazeer

    U speak with heart

  • Prachi Arya
    Prachi Arya

    Session is quite long than other uploaded session but not for a second i felt being bored. The way everything is explained is so relatable and smooth. It's so good to know layers of contemplation in so depth. Thank you 🤹💕

  • Sahil Tatiya
    Sahil Tatiya

    Bakwas laga

  • Astuti Mhajan
    Astuti Mhajan


  • shubham jain
    shubham jain

    Thanks sir

  • Watch Info
    Watch Info

    This is that reason of poor is more poorest rich is more richest !

  • Parul maurya
    Parul maurya

    Sir you tube ki.nyi policy aayi hai jisme wo bole hai ki jis channel se unko profit nhi hai usko wo delete kr denge ...sir.apke channel se unko fayda nhi hai to wo apka v channnel delete kr denge kya....sir plz is.bare me next session me 5 mint.ke lie baat kr lijiega ....maine ye comment almost sare video pe dal rkha hai.... sir plz kuch kriega....bhot aage aap laye hai hm sbko so plz sir kuch kriega

  • Sanjay Kashyap
    Sanjay Kashyap

    Short video se jyada achchha full video hai sir isme kaphi saari baatey sikhne ko mili

  • somdutt attri
    somdutt attri

    sir ke session m kese selection hota h kha registration krate h plz koi bta do plz


    सर आप के विडियो बहुत चैनल आपका विडियो चुरा कर डालते है 1 माह बाद पता चला आप का चैनल 12 मिलियन

  • Career First
    Career First

    Good also watch my videos

  • Md Rafique Khan
    Md Rafique Khan

    Thanks sandeep sir

  • Himanshu Gupta
    Himanshu Gupta

    who is best Dr Vivek vindra like sandeep maheshwari comment

  • Aachal Chetri
    Aachal Chetri

    First time sir aap ke video dekha kar samji hu aaur ... Aacha v laga hai😊😊

  • Old hand Edits
    Old hand Edits

    How to do questioning? How the rserult would be?


    Thanks sir

  • sritej kumar
    sritej kumar

    How to deal with death of loved ones.

  • Colour World
    Colour World

    Sir, I have a small paints business.. But i didn't grow up for my nearby paints shop... I want to grow up.. How to grow up in my own business... Tell me please


    Looser and unscientific . Just to get attention

  • Gagan Trivedi
    Gagan Trivedi

    awesome :)

  • Arohi Kumari
    Arohi Kumari

    Happy evening sir

  • Sambit Mohapatra
    Sambit Mohapatra

    Best session ever..

  • Ranjit Singh
    Ranjit Singh

    I have started my own company and its seed was that aasaan hai. One day I will make $1000 Billion and give maximum employment to our Indian. Thank you.

  • Gurnam Singh
    Gurnam Singh

    thanks sir

  • bani dhadhich
    bani dhadhich

    Sandeep sir se kaise mil skte hai Please koi bta skta

  • riya Sharma
    riya Sharma

    You are perfect teacher for me sir

  • Ashlesha Munot
    Ashlesha Munot

    U r such amazing 😍 really

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