How Much Smartphone You Should Buy?
I talk about about much you should spend on a smartphone ideally and avoid buying smartphones on EMI as smartphones depreciate in value very quickly and have almost no value after a year. I personally also share my thoughts how much I would be willing to spend on smartphones.
Smartphone camera comparisons between flagship smartphone and mid-range smartphones

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    U r just great pls do more contents on this type of topics

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    owns a galaxy fold and came up with this video 🤫

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    Persoanlly i think it's more wise to buy a bit expensive phone (16k-20k) and use it for 3-4 years

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    Thanks a lot Ranjit sir for great guidance for our youngsters

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    Ur absolutely right man thanks for such advice ur being honest

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    So u r saying, put money from most depreciating asset to little less depreciating asset. Plus anything above 8.5k is just crap and waste of money.

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    Vineet Kapoor

    You covered almost all the points that I've had in my mind from the last 10 yr. 1. No point in showing off 2. In Rs 30,000 one can cover everything. 3. For basic usage mid-range smartphones are sufficient. 4. EMI for this is simply crazy. You missed 1 important point. It's a tiny gadget which breaks or gets stolen easily. Hence going high budget doesn't make sense.

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    Pinaki Naskar

    Really useful topic and I appreciate what you said about phone is a depreciating asset and emi is a trap. So, please give us more about this type suggestive videos. Really thank you.

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    Which phone should I buy between Redmi Note 8 pro and realme x2 pro ? Please tell

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    Pravesh Srivastava

    I was going to buy one plus 7 pro but then i changed my mind and I buyed Poco f1 and i am very happy with my decision.

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    God damn The truth was hard to swallow Great work ranjit sir

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    Why you are using iPhone? Flagship phones have quality in everything, like camera, battery, performance, video shooting and watching experience, built quality. They don't hang, don't get heated up, chargers run for longer time, sound quality is good. There are thousands of reasons why flagship phones are costly and why people buy it.

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    Aritra Mukherjee

    Would you like to cover on a video what mobile youtube reviewers do with the myriad of phones they keep buying and what finally happens with those?

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    Absolutely true! But the these days are so enticing, kharidhne keliye bebas kar dethe hai.

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    I appreciate your comments on buying high-end costly mobile. Now a day people especially the young generation became crazy about it. They should learn the cost they are paying on mobile will not be worth in any case.

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    Anupama Mohapatra

    Yeah spending on phones is too much so I gave my child a JIO phone better for him

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    Too good. Such videos are very necessary for people who are unaware of their buying habits and its consequences. Proud.

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    Superb, the thing is parents as well as youngsters should recognize this, we have lost savings mentality due to westernization of our culture. Make short video but with same impact, as I understand millennials fast info.

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    Which is best phone under 20000 camera and performance vise

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    Thanks for motivating youngsters, this also impacts countries wealth outflow which is bad for economy


    Very well said... 👏👏👏 We need to be logical not just fashionable.. ~

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    I came to your page just to see the review of Samsung S10 lite which costs 40k😂😂.. now after seeing this video I decide to use my current Oppo F7 which is 1.5 year old...Thanks a lot Ranjit Bro...❤️

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    I like your honesty Sir♥️....Very informative video and it will surely open eyes of those who are running behind brand tags.

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    amoled screen burn-in problem

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    Hi Ranjit, I've been purchasing phones since 2009 using my own money (I used to teach as a private tutor ever since) and had a hard limit of 6K starting with my first smartphone in 2011 (Symbian OS / Nokia C5-00.2 5MP). The I raised the bar and purchased Asus Zenfone 5 (32bit Intel) at 10K. Then I bought Lenovo Z2 Plus (Snapdragon 820) at 11K. After using it for couples of years, I've upgraded to Galaxy S9+ yesterday, spending 28K for the first time. Did I made the correct choice, i.e. purchasing old flagship ?

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    One of the most honest advice I have ever heard from PAsofts reviewers. I appreciate highly.


    yes plz do cover any such useful OFFTOPIC.


    SUPER VIDEO for Indians..

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