I Want A New Face
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  • Brooklynn King
    Brooklynn King

    I've rewatched this 10 times and it still hasn't gotten old

  • Connie Canto
    Connie Canto

    Pink Panther who?

  • jasmine jackson
    jasmine jackson

    no one: sleep paralysis demon: 9:28

  • Kaikenlee

    She looks like the grinches wife

  • Emma Gross
    Emma Gross

    forever my favorite jenna video 🖤

  • LittleCutie ABDL
    LittleCutie ABDL

    9:39 reminds me of one of my friends😂 literal attitude and everything, she's pretty though and you are too Jenna....without those scary prosthetics though.

  • burano peach
    burano peach

    Jenna: this is Bunny, she's adopted, we will do everything in our power to make sure she feels safe and not scared Jenna : fucking look at me bitch

  • Natalie Putnam
    Natalie Putnam

    I do love a women with hacker from cyberchase’s chin, so hawt

  • Connor Murray
    Connor Murray

    nothing could have prepared me for the terror I felt while Jenna ran at the camera

  • Shianne Ferrell
    Shianne Ferrell

    The part where she starts running.. I feel like I’m having a fever dream

  • Brelle Hawthorne
    Brelle Hawthorne

    No! No! No! I hate Everything about this!! 😭😭😭

  • Jennifer Guttmann
    Jennifer Guttmann

    Jenna please do Part 2!! I need more rabwitch in my life!

  • Hailey Rowe
    Hailey Rowe

    Why does she look like Katy Perry?!

  • Artsy Smartie
    Artsy Smartie

    You kinda look like a pink glam grinch

  • Raycie Layne
    Raycie Layne

    Y'all make me so happy. Been going through a really tough time and y'all give me a tiny escape where I don't have to be worried about anything but laughing. Y'all are the best ❤️

  • Tea with Kylee C.
    Tea with Kylee C.

    You should have Glam & Gore do your FX makeup. She loves your channel and y’all would be so funny together lol

  • blue rae
    blue rae

    is that jeffree star

  • Kristyn Mauzy
    Kristyn Mauzy

    She looks like the cat in the hat

  • Courtney Baker
    Courtney Baker

    If she would have painted her face green she would have looked like the Grinch 💀😂

  • Irene Thadathil
    Irene Thadathil

    Cave man, Cave witch Added the bunny mouth Me:so cave bitch

  • MellieFace

    I laughed so hard. Deep belly laughs.

  • Danielle M
    Danielle M

    I know I’m super late to this but does Jenna not look like a pink Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch That Stole Christmas

  • seeyaspacecowboi

    this gave me real version of cat in the hat vibes help

  • Casper.

    jenna, mockingly: what should i name this video?

  • Trixbur the Wolf
    Trixbur the Wolf

    She looks like the who that got rejected.

  • Christine Elise Chen
    Christine Elise Chen

    I loved this video and the next prosthetic the world needs you to try is the full face and chesticle prosthetic I just found on Amazon called Koomiho Silicone Female Mask

  • mickey whaaatley
    mickey whaaatley

    she looks like a Who character

  • The Depressed Channel
    The Depressed Channel

    She looks like the live action grinch’s girlfriend

  • Stella O'Brien
    Stella O'Brien

    Not gonna lie she kind of looks like jake paul

  • Your Local Potato :D
    Your Local Potato :D

    What’s that smell? *B U L L S H I T*

  • Jalana Solomon
    Jalana Solomon

    Am I the only one that thinks she looks like Pink Panther

  • Briana Fernandez
    Briana Fernandez

    If pink panther and the grinch have a baby together that’s how it’ll look like

  • Kate Kniceley
    Kate Kniceley

    you look like my gram

  • Hilde L.
    Hilde L.

    Friday and having a marbleton mania😁🙌🏻

  • Claire Jones
    Claire Jones

    It really reminds me of White Chicks

  • Audrey Morgan
    Audrey Morgan

    She runs like Merlin when he turns himself old XD

  • Mister Meme
    Mister Meme

    Tana mogoue be like

  • A N I M E
    A N I M E

    8:15 its the new and improved Julian

  • Mayra Rivera
    Mayra Rivera

    If I see that face walking down the street i will f run away

  • Kaya Reggediesch
    Kaya Reggediesch

    You kinda look like Jeffree Star on crack XD