Jai Jai Shivshankar - Full Song | War | Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff | Vishal & Shekhar, Benny Dayal
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Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff create magic, one move at a time in the celebratory song Jai Jai Shivshankar - full song.
🎧 Song Credits:
Song: Jai Jai Shivshankar
Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Benny Dayal
Music: Vishal and Shekhar
Lyrics: Kumaar
Recording Studio: YRF Studios [Shantanu Hudilkar, Vijay Dayal, Chinmay Mestry, Abhishek Khandelwal, Manasi Tare]
Mixed By: Vijay Dayal [YRF Studios]
Mastered By: Donal Whelan [Mastering World, Wales - UK]
Produced by: Abhijit Nalani
Additional Music Credits:
Doitara Played by: Vishal Dadlani
Live Rhythms and Percussions Arranged & Conducted by: Dipesh Varma
Percussions Performed by: Dipesh Varma, Keyur Barve, Omkar Salunkhe, Shikhar Naad Qureshi, Satyajit Jamsandekar
Chorus: Umesh Joshi, Vijay Dhuri, Swapnil Godbole, Janardan Dhatrak, Varun Likhate, Yash Kulkarni, Pragati Joshi, Aditi Prabhudesai
Choreography: Bosco - Caesar
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🎬 Movie Credits:
Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, Vaani Kapoor
Director: Siddharth Anand
Producer: Aditya Chopra
Music: Vishal and Shekhar
Lyrics: Kumaar
Director of Photography: Benjamin Jasper
Release Date: 2 October 2019
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India’s top agent Kabir (Hrithik Roshan) leads the Elite Shadow Unit of R&AW, a compact group of the crème de la crème of the armed forces who are personally trained by him and work with him on various high-risk missions across the world. Among Kabir and Colonel Luthra’s key targets are an international arms baron Rizwan Ilyasi who has been key in various acts of terrorism against the country.
Khalid (Tiger Shroff) has fought his way up the ranks of the Indian armed forces. His greatest challenge and battle has been to fight against the sins of his father, once a decorated soldier working with Kabir who had turned a traitor. His ambition has been to join Kabir’s team to remove any stains on their family name. Kabir is not keen due to their past history, but Colonel Luthra requests him to, and gradually Kabir is also impressed by Khalid’s intense dedication and grit. Khalid becomes Kabir’s greatest soldier ever, flirting with death repeatedly in mission after mission as they go after the country’s enemies, including a mission against Rizwan Ilyasi that nearly kills Khalid.
But Khalid’s greatest mission, his toughest yet, is still to come. When his own mentor Kabir turns rogue and starts to go after top officials and scientists and officers in the Indian establishment, targeting and executing them viciously across the world.
Colonel Luthra is unsure if Khalid has it in him to go after Kabir. Is he clever enough to hunt the man who trained him, and even if he does get him, does he have it in him to put a bullet in his hero’s head? Luthra advises Khalid against the mission but he insists - he is the best protégé and the only one who can track the mentor. And only Kabir can answer the crucial question - why did he turn rogue?
A vicious cat and mouse game ensues as protégé goes after mentor in a war that spills across the globe. As the chase unravels both Kabir and Khalid begin to finally realize, what desperate stakes really drive them in this terrifying war.
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  • Mads Mer
    Mads Mer

    Who wants to see a mind-blowing dance number with Madhuri and Hritik hit like 👇👇👇👇

  • Vodafone Corporate
    Vodafone Corporate

    Both are great dancer but hritik is having Grace.. .

  • irvan delavega
    irvan delavega

    tiger is cool...

  • Aynul Mow
    Aynul Mow

    I love this song

  • sandy salunkhe
    sandy salunkhe

    Hritik is not nice dancer Tiger shroof is good dancer

  • Anjo Ara
    Anjo Ara

    আরেব্বা বাবারে beu tifull dance hittik and tiger srofe 😍

  • Dilip bera
    Dilip bera

    Khub valo

  • Linda Simanjuntak
    Linda Simanjuntak

    Hrithik still sexie man in the world,forever

  • Dholariya granath Dholariya granath
    Dholariya granath Dholariya granath



    tiger dances with effort and does it perfectly but hrithik does it effortlessly and perfectly..that y he is regarded as the GOD of dance

  • subhash Mondal
    subhash Mondal

    tiger is best i love you

  • subhash Mondal
    subhash Mondal


  • subhash Mondal
    subhash Mondal

    tiger is bes i love you

  • Rishab Ghosh
    Rishab Ghosh

    Waiting for a movie with both Hritik and John

  • Anilkumarraj Anilkumarraj
    Anilkumarraj Anilkumarraj


  • Anilkumarraj Anilkumarraj
    Anilkumarraj Anilkumarraj

    Hy song

  • Boss Gaming
    Boss Gaming

    Like a song

  • Santhosh Naradhan
    Santhosh Naradhan

    The man who dance incridible steps?

  • Devji Patel
    Devji Patel


  • Devji Patel
    Devji Patel


  • Devji Patel
    Devji Patel

    Nice work thanks for the song

  • Nurjahan Begam
    Nurjahan Begam

    Let's see who is best Hritik - like Tiger - comment

  • Ankita Jain
    Ankita Jain


  • Suresh Makwana
    Suresh Makwana

    Film. Me. Cerecter. Muslim. Ka. Hai. Or. Song. Jay. Jay. Shiv. Shanker

  • Pathak Ji
    Pathak Ji

    a good move tiger and Hrithik

  • Kishan Kol
    Kishan Kol

    Difference between tiger and Hrithik dance - Hrithik is natural

  • ꧁ღNᎯNᎯᏦᎾ-CHᎯNღ꧂ nada más
    ꧁ღNᎯNᎯᏦᎾ-CHᎯNღ꧂ nada más

    me gusta

  • Raftaar Bhai ka Big Fan #Raa
    Raftaar Bhai ka Big Fan #Raa

    Brotherhood Song

  • Tarun Bhardwaj
    Tarun Bhardwaj

    Tiger = Like Hritik = Comment

  • Prasanta Sahoo
    Prasanta Sahoo

    Hritik sir and tiger sir both are amezing danser and fab hero....

  • ulu ops
    ulu ops

    Heroine Kon hai hritik ya tiger

  • Sourav Mishra
    Sourav Mishra

    What else you can expect from a powerpack dance song coming from a commercial movie. That has all the ingredients- Holi Theme, Two Legendary dancers Tiger & Hrithik, Two Powerful voices Benny & Vishal.

  • Nowshad Chy
    Nowshad Chy

    Tiger shroff is dancing nicely. But if we think about Hrittik his dance steps are very smart and hard.

  • Pratima Behera
    Pratima Behera

    Super song

  • Bohemian R
    Bohemian R

    I am not sure of the film's title, seeing this clip.

  • Ujjal Sarkar
    Ujjal Sarkar

    Hrithik is tha best all side hiro is tha great hiro

  • Saqib Alvi
    Saqib Alvi

    War: Expectation Vs Reality 😂😂 Ladakh Baltistan Gilgit 🚩🚩🤟🤟

  • Aisha Isah
    Aisha Isah

    Please what's the name of the movie?

    • Abhishek Kanaujia
      Abhishek Kanaujia


  • Pratyush Pallav
    Pratyush Pallav

    plaese not pinned hindi song

  • Haziq Ammad
    Haziq Ammad

    looks like dancing warms

  • Veena Pandey
    Veena Pandey

    Tiger scroof is my favorite


    Why I'm liking this song all time Because of I'll ADD my self COLOUR TO my MUSIC 😎😎😎

  • md. khasro
    md. khasro

    Please give us 2019 all Hindi songs i love Hindi song

  • Yogesh Kardam
    Yogesh Kardam

    Hritik Roshan is superb





  • Kavita Adlak
    Kavita Adlak

    Tiger dance just tiger

  • soma shekar
    soma shekar


  • soma Shekar
    soma Shekar


  • Priti Sharma
    Priti Sharma

    Love you Hrithik Roshan you are damn handsome😘😘😘😘

  • Agile Chisim
    Agile Chisim

    Lol bro

  • Ansh Mejor
    Ansh Mejor

    My like only for hritik roshan

  • Tilak Raj
    Tilak Raj

    Nice song

  • Mrinmoy Biswas
    Mrinmoy Biswas

    Joy Joy Shiba SankaR.....

  • Ali Chanel
    Ali Chanel



    Tiger hritik se acha dance kar raha h

  • Dhanraj Raypure
    Dhanraj Raypure

    Tiger and hiritik my fan


    I generally don't watch music videos but this song makes me do it

  • sukla banerjee
    sukla banerjee


  • yarra sivakesavulu
    yarra sivakesavulu

    Liked this video becoz of Hrithik Roshan.

  • Vedant Labana
    Vedant Labana

    Tiger shroff

  • aishu ravindran
    aishu ravindran

    Fav song...wow tiger....hritik.....

  • menka choudhary
    menka choudhary

    it's a is kudi na gao or rangudi na gao

  • Sonia Panigrahi
    Sonia Panigrahi

    Kya nacha hai tiger Shroff

  • Akshay Biswas
    Akshay Biswas

    No comments for Hrithik and great by Tiger


    Good song

  • Jagat Singh
    Jagat Singh

    Hritik roshan's dance idol was madhuri dixit

  • maryan salah
    maryan salah

    I have been lied to until now still hurt how shot this movie was fucking hell they kept chasing the whole 2 hrs with new twists every sec omg the only cheerful time was this song only the rest was slow motion hertick face and his eyes and tiger circus 🎪 act 😂

  • Vikas Gupta
    Vikas Gupta

    Jai shivshankar.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Gaming Forever
    Gaming Forever

    i like tiger then hrithik im glad they made a movie with both of these awsome dancers

  • CharleenS Bhoerakhan
    CharleenS Bhoerakhan

    It took me really 7 months to do this dance😢.... But it worked❤❤🖒🖒

  • Sikder Alam
    Sikder Alam

    I like your stilts

  • Mahankhan Mahamkhan
    Mahankhan Mahamkhan

    Mond acha hogya hit like

  • Pemba Ghising
    Pemba Ghising

    We all know Hrithik is king of Dance in Bollywood.But here I love the Dance of Tiger more than Hrithik may be its the energy of Tiger.

  • Ritesh Hudda Ritesh Hudda
    Ritesh Hudda Ritesh Hudda

    Kaya Hero hai bhai super sir Tiger And Hirithik

  • Tarun Bhardwaj
    Tarun Bhardwaj

    Who is the best? 1. Tiger = Comment 2. Hritik = Like I say Tiger because I think he has been dancing since when he was a baby

    • Tarun Bhardwaj
      Tarun Bhardwaj


  • Noviani Elvina
    Noviani Elvina

    His entry...... I canttttttttttttt

  • Santosh Soni
    Santosh Soni

    Love u Hritik 😘


    Tiger amazing dance