Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD)
Joyner Lucas
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  • R3K4

    Joyner out here growing his beards in 4 minuets

  • Lorenzo Foster
    Lorenzo Foster

    Collabo with J. Cole, nuff said.

  • YeeYeeBoiii N19L1P5
    YeeYeeBoiii N19L1P5

    Joyner always got them bars ❤💯


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  • Only Nonsense
    Only Nonsense

    All your videos are great but this one hits hard

  • Molique Bizor
    Molique Bizor

    I love this song because the parts are similar but so different and so fire 🔥 this is amazin

  • Backwoods On Tha Beat
    Backwoods On Tha Beat

    nigga really used a crank lucas beat lmfaooo

  • Luke Phillips
    Luke Phillips

    This Kid wasnt born when fresh prince came out


    Crazy how many dislikes you rarely see that many on any video😲😲😲

  • Allen Blythe
    Allen Blythe

    Now People going to take Crank Lucas' beats seriously huh?

  • Finquan

    I guess Joyner is a fan of Will.

  • vault dweller vault 111
    vault dweller vault 111


  • I Harris
    I Harris

    Will have to jump on this track PLEASE. Lord we need some positivity this year

  • Joshua Wood
    Joshua Wood

    Joyner in a league of his own. You can really see the time,effort and soul he puts into a track. Every song he has out is a brick perfectly laid

  • Parker Vicich
    Parker Vicich

    Was hoping to see a money bag scene from focus but shit this was dope

  • Jadin Mobley
    Jadin Mobley

    I love this song how he brought the actor Will Smith in to play at the end Hell yeah

  • Cian Bolger
    Cian Bolger


  • Jadin Mobley
    Jadin Mobley

    Wow this hole song is about the actor Will Smith

  • Abundance of Ari
    Abundance of Ari

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  • Pinky Santana
    Pinky Santana

    Who..... thee... fuck...🤔 *THUMBS DOWN THIS VIDEO* Will Smith is a national treasure! this tribute is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Bee L
    Bee L

    This shit so dope.!!!! 🗣🗣🗣🗣 ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Tyrese Brinson
    Tyrese Brinson

    Meanwhile some other little rapper walking round in dress & hills pretending to be Oprah.

  • SunOfJamesEnt


  • ivan ivanov
    ivan ivanov

    Man, I can’t stop listening that song! It’s over and over in my head! Thank you!

  • Tristan Jun
    Tristan Jun

    I'd get jiggy with it

  • Quintessential Chills
    Quintessential Chills

    That's hot

  • yutterh

    Legit, huge will smith fan too. Kind of sad you didnt put in Hancock or deadshot. But it was a legit tribute to will smith 10/10

  • Nostalgic Beast
    Nostalgic Beast

    You deserve more bro 🔥🔥 You should do one for Zuko and Uncle Iroh from the Avatar: Last Airbender as well lmao it will be legendary if you do

  • Omar Tenorio
    Omar Tenorio

    Daaaamn Lucas killing the game with this video

  • Euler-Lagrange

    Is this suppose to be a meme? I couldn't stop laughing.

  • MJ Jr
    MJ Jr

    Joyner been different 🤦🏽‍♂️🔥

  • Rap Karaoke DXB
    Rap Karaoke DXB

    I can’t stop playing this!

  • HeSoNice

    100% respect brotha

  • tinydancer tonydanza
    tinydancer tonydanza

    I don't know what just happened but I needed all of it!!!

  • Future Prediction
    Future Prediction

    RIP Uncle Phill ❤️

  • bam2xl14


  • Andy Jardinas
    Andy Jardinas

    Why he forget about Ali...Bruhh 😒 woulda kill it too

  • Jaze S.
    Jaze S.

    Crank Lucas did the Beat or? DaBaby Skit was it! Respect You are a genuis... yeah joyner is good too...

  • Carson Priepkeca
    Carson Priepkeca

    7 pounds the best Will Smith movie

  • Rianna Raines
    Rianna Raines

    This is INCREDIBLE

  • Julio Rivera Jr
    Julio Rivera Jr


  • lunar eclipse
    lunar eclipse

    So we just finna ignore the baddy that keeps showin up?

  • Zminor Beatz
    Zminor Beatz

    Fire man Will Smith is fav action star

  • D.Murray Virgo Season
    D.Murray Virgo Season

    And this is the exact creativity and originality that has the potential to bring rap back... this kid is a fucken beast

  • עומר כהן
    עומר כהן

    I'm making A Flip!!! #Will

  • Deveondi

    I love this song. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Carlos Ingram
    Carlos Ingram

    Will Smith will always be a legend!!

  • Future Prediction
    Future Prediction

    Unpopular opinion: Will Smith is the second greatest black actor of all time behind Denzel Washington.

  • Future Prediction
    Future Prediction

    When you realise that Will’s real name isn’t William, it’s Willard....Willard Smith...

  • sogeki

    only the best from joyner

  • Blaine Fagg
    Blaine Fagg

    The song is great, but the video is legendary

  • Alexander Walker
    Alexander Walker

    he forgot hancock

  • Cris Barcenas
    Cris Barcenas

    this man needs a Grammy or two already no cap

  • Wes O
    Wes O

    This song was genius. Way to bubble young man!

  • John Dorcey
    John Dorcey

    But that girl in the street camo jeggings...damn!

    • Vincent A
      Vincent A

      still trying to find the @

  • wow epic
    wow epic

    where is will's comment

  • The diary of Fharish Ahmed
    The diary of Fharish Ahmed


  • Donz King
    Donz King

    Shit is so fucking hard!!!!!!!

  • jeff zenovi
    jeff zenovi

    No life gang here!😎

  • FoxyWolf Chan
    FoxyWolf Chan

    Im sorry too ask but... is he dead?

  • Ashley Wesley
    Ashley Wesley

    I wish he said Hancock🥺but greatt Singh🗣️🤞🏽🙌🏽💙

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    set the standard for what it capable if you apply a little will; pun intended. Thank you Mr. William Smith

  • Zoe Martin
    Zoe Martin

    the girl in the camo pants is my sister!! follow her insta: @jaimeemartinn

  • Sorel366

    Notice how After Earth is absent from this.

  • Esme

    Im disappointed because none of the crew was six feet apart

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      ADHD str8 🔥

  • Theron Boykin
    Theron Boykin

    Bro you forgot all about Independence Day Joyner great video

  • no0orano

    This is siiiiiick ❤️❤️❤️❤️fuck man

  • Michael Watkins
    Michael Watkins

    Video creativity on another level #tadawr #mikewattz

  • Jaleesa Godson
    Jaleesa Godson

    I would love to see a video of Will Smith watching this :)

  • Silumko Yantolo
    Silumko Yantolo

    Fire song🔥🔥🔥

  • monique montague
    monique montague

    Now that's how you get respect and show Amish 👊🏾♥️

  • Jimmy Mac
    Jimmy Mac

    Yo little strawberry. WHAT IS YOUR TOP 3 WILL SMITH MOVIES?

  • Dad's Dojo
    Dad's Dojo

    Brick by brick keep killing it song is 🔥

  • PhantomXIX

    It was great but ngl i was waiting for hancock

  • Mohammed Saed
    Mohammed Saed


  • Sebastian Onise
    Sebastian Onise

    Did somebody know the girl with the camo pants is for a friend

  • Robert The Great
    Robert The Great

    No independence day ? !

  • Quentin Grzyb
    Quentin Grzyb


  • noiceRice

    Joyner giving me Concussion like Will 🤯🔥

  • Latto Christian
    Latto Christian

    ADHD str8 🔥

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