No More Single Nabeel | Warangal Diaries Comedy Video
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No More Single: See problems and funny situations which single people face and how they try to mingle which you must watch you'll go crazy laughing.
It's all about fun & hyderabadi comedy make sure you guys like comment and share this video with your friends, family.
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Warangal Diaries bringing you the best hyderabadi linguistic vines & funny videos which you can relate with everyone's routine life.
We will make you smile, We will win your hearts.
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  • V. Sulochana
    V. Sulochana


  • Farhath Farhath
    Farhath Farhath

    Nice video BRO

  • naat aur bayan
    naat aur bayan

    Nice vdeo

  • Md Hussain
    Md Hussain

    Aise video mat banana

  • Salman Khan
    Salman Khan

    SALMAN BHAI and soon after the

  • Saniya Fatima
    Saniya Fatima

    If North Indians would do this this would be normal if wd is doing is doing this it's a sin if any one is using this app no one is a small kid every one knows what to do with their life and what to not so stop commenting this kind of shit

  • gadi bagdal
    gadi bagdal

    Bhai Bhatt acai vidio

  • Abdul Kareem Siddiqui
    Abdul Kareem Siddiqui


  • Abdul Kareem Siddiqui
    Abdul Kareem Siddiqui

    Lambi girni🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

  • Shaik Ahmed
    Shaik Ahmed

    Lambi girni😂😂😂

  • Sadiq Khan
    Sadiq Khan

    Nabeel Harami Kutte

  • Mahboob Patel
    Mahboob Patel

    Sahi bole bhai uneducated Loganich Raj karri

  • Usha M
    Usha M


  • Birru Alekya
    Birru Alekya

    haha that girl is my school friend😇

  • Fayaz Shaik
    Fayaz Shaik

    Thoda din ki zindagi ka liya kaiku bhai Haram relationship ka zariya promote karra, promote karna he hai tho halal risto ka promote kar our thodi iss Duniya ki shoharat ka liya itna bhi giro mat

  • mohammed abdul
    mohammed abdul

    How like this video

  • Arshi Khan
    Arshi Khan

    Saare videos mai se sab se cheap yahi viedo hai nabeel

  • shaik mushtak
    shaik mushtak

    La haula kya bhai apbhi isey video manaraien

  • Ashwaq Ahmed
    Ashwaq Ahmed


  • Syed Imroz
    Syed Imroz


  • Mere Jaanu ki Jaanu hu
    Mere Jaanu ki Jaanu hu


  • mohammad gazi
    mohammad gazi

    Nice. 👍❤️

  • Hanumesh Hosamani
    Hanumesh Hosamani

    how are you all warangal dairies guys

  • jannat Salman22
    jannat Salman22

    Log ko bura rasta batare sale

  • Md Sameer
    Md Sameer

    Asthagfirullah...Please Stop promoting this type of apps..Dont promote this type of apps dear WDteam. I hope better for next time..All the best 👍

  • Ishak Shaik
    Ishak Shaik

    The first video I disliked in warangal dairies 👍

  • Love Kumar
    Love Kumar

    nice video

  • Tayyab Patel
    Tayyab Patel

    Kya phaaltu video banai behaaye ko aam karrena aap log, give good message to people through the your videos.

  • imran khan
    imran khan

    Comedy Kam promotion zyada hogaya video mein.. Infact Pura promotion he tha video mein

  • Sana Maryam
    Sana Maryam

    Kiraaak videooo

  • Raziya Begum Syed
    Raziya Begum Syed

    Mashallah bro

  • Mehek lavena 786
    Mehek lavena 786

    Nice video bhai........ May Allah gives u more achievement for ur channel.... Ameen Sumaamen 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

  • Sayad Sayad
    Sayad Sayad

    rihan wakhar kyun ny liya bai

  • Abdul Ismail
    Abdul Ismail

    Guys Mai sub Warangal dairies ke subscribers Ku bolru in logo Ku unsubscribe karo aur video BHI nakoo dekho inlogo ki jab maloom hota inlogo ku

  • Abdul Ismail
    Abdul Ismail

    Wahhh kya baat wo time aagaya jab musalman hi yahoodiyo ke gande firqe pehlainge

  • Haneef Mohamamad
    Haneef Mohamamad

    I respect warangal diaries channel but I am not expect this type of videos on your channel ....

  • nazreen sulthana
    nazreen sulthana

    Dis worst video we have never expected dis type of rubbish app promotions plz don't spoil youth by giving this type of promos aapko baddua lagaga un ka gharvalosee


    Well, in the first place lying to make people laugh is a sin in itself and if you are so concerned about your afterlife you should stop watching Warangal diaries cause they have lot which is deemed unislamic and sinful(like dressing up like women and making up stuff which is in away lying to make you laugh and using music in top of that in their videos) And it is your choice whether you want to watch this video or if you found this unislamic or promoting a dating application then you should have left right away instead of watching the whole video to comment about why didn't you like this. And it's such a hypocrisy, you on one hand enjoy music which is haraam! Aur utta ich hi akhirat ki fikar hai ya phir bohot taqwa hai toh ladki ko video thumbnail me dekh kar hi aap imaaan waale video nahi dekhna tha.

    • Sadiq Khan
      Sadiq Khan


  • Md Imran
    Md Imran

    Mashallah nice bro. S.... 👏👏👏👏😎😎😎😎✌✌✌✌✌💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Shaik Tayyab
    Shaik Tayyab

    tinder pey girls ko milkey milkshake pilo😆 Nvrexpt this from u