Trump's ambitious plan as the US becomes the COVID-19 pandemic's new epicentre | Planet America
ABC News In-depth
US President Donald Trump sets an ambitious target to get his country “back to work” while the World Health Organisation warns the US is rapidly becoming the pandemic’s epicentre. Join Chas and John for the latest on the US response to COVID-19 and the dire outlook for the weeks ahead.
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  • Mark Sheehan
    Mark Sheehan

    Abc is that last place for information. Twas once a reputable outlet years ago . Just full elitist snowflakes now total not in touch with reality.

  • Thomas Jamison
    Thomas Jamison

    Why do the pictures of Wilson with a stroke remind me so much of Joe Biden?

  • Milan Karakas Tutorials
    Milan Karakas Tutorials

    Currently, mortality rate in the USA is about 2%.

  • mike walsh
    mike walsh

    Can't believe that Americans seem to be prepared to give this oaf of a president another 4 years

  • David Wilkie
    David Wilkie

    Yeah, frank and fearless..

  • b cole
    b cole

    We are doing a great job . Trump That’s why we are number one with corona virus case in the world haha Best scammers ever I give him that

  • M Hu
    M Hu

    The Chinese bought up all the medical supplies before they told us the truth and they did it World wide. The CCP is out to kill as many of us as they can so you don’t need to cause death because you hate the president.

  • Mr Reza
    Mr Reza

    We are winning!! MAGA More than 120,000 cases of COVID19 in the US

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith

    This is a fake news channel

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith

    The Korean Connection?

  • Rod Dykes
    Rod Dykes

    You believe China's numbers after they kicked out western journalists? Gutter channel, I didn't make it to one minute. Who's your audience? Looks to me like Mad Magazine subscribers by that cartoon picture of Trump.

  • comicart1st

    Has Corona infected asstronauts in ISS space station? Asstronauts: distancing is well up here.

  • klientproby

    I find it very alarming that the approval rating for the way that Orange Disaster has been handling the coronvirus situation has risen. What does that say about Americans in general? For me, it confirms that most are uneducated about so many things, unable to see beyond what their president (whoever it is at that time)tells them is so, so individualistic that they cannot understand that in times of serious crisis (as now) community bonding and cooperation is more important, rather than the individual and his/her needs. Am so glad I am not from there nor live there, but I have friends who are from there and do still live there, and I worry about them.

  • robert hicks
    robert hicks

    They asked Trump his OPINIONS and he gave them. No one expects someone's opinions to trump science, not even Trump.

  • dominik von nabehrznik
    dominik von nabehrznik

    The level on data bending is amazing XD <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="142">2:22</a> hospital admissions graph. ADMISSIONS!!! how many times have you had influenza-like symptoms and had to be admitted to a hospital every time? But in times of 24/7 media coverage of corona virus makes everyone with symptoms rush to a medical unit and they are all admitted and isolated in case they have corona... please stop bending data in times like these. I pray for all your souls

  • Darren Anderson
    Darren Anderson

    Got to feel for the teen poster child of doom Greta . Not a single word from the Mainstream media ,I miss the old day's of climate change hysteria and orange man bad theme.

  • Evan Dent
    Evan Dent

    This program was more informational than a whole weeks cycle of 24 hr cable news in the states

  • Linda Gentry
    Linda Gentry

    This is the biggest false flag that has ever been perpetrated on the world, they want their NWO! People need to wake up. Never take any vaccines they push either it is a trap. Also, remember if they say it will increase it is because they are going to roll out this 60Gh 5G that is being installed in the schools that is why they are shut down, this is what happened in China it had installed the 60Gh 5G in Wuhan. This virus is all a coverup for something else. The Deep State Shadow Government wants their NWO. They can't have it until they secure their new monetary global digital currency first. The thing is they want depopulation and total control of the world's population.

  • Outside The Box
    Outside The Box

    $250billion of dollars for bailout was on the news. The ventilator cost 5000 dollars. They needed 15k, so let me round that up to 20K, coz they are underestimating this. Thats 100 Million dollars. The rest cost about $2000 dollars for each medical staff working there. Even if I put 1 million workers, that would still cost 2 billion dollars. $1500 for each household is not needed if all the money is spent on healing people right away Imo. Politicians never do anything the right way. And lets be real, that is everybody in the government.


    You're playing with EMF dynamite with that computer over your balls, ever heard of a Ethernet connection?

  • frogsoda

    Is this a legit news program?

  • MrAnperm

    It's not a good healthcare system if most people can't afford to access it. If you lose your job and get the virus you have no health cover. Ridiculous system.

  • Yvonne Köhli
    Yvonne Köhli

    Trump WANTS a disaster, for making the VOTES IMPOSSIBEL...!!!!! 😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • V Philip
    V Philip

    Covid is a hoax. Come out of your homes and live life normally. Do not give up on your freedom.

  • Will Patterson
    Will Patterson

    Who wants to bet the murderous Demorats are trying really hard to infect Trump with Covid19

  • Wolfgang Keldorfer
    Wolfgang Keldorfer

    within only a few days, this crises will hit the US much worse then italy right now.`tAnd Trump ist responsible, because he didn`t act several months when he had the chance, but only bragged nonsense I am from Austria, the very best country to live. Sorry - english is not my mothertongue

  • Wolfgang Keldorfer
    Wolfgang Keldorfer

    within only a few days, this crises will hit the US much worse then italy right now.`tAnd Trump ist responsible, because he didn`t act several months when he had the chance, but only bragged nonsense I am from Austria, the very best country to live. Sorry - english is not my mothertongue

  • kevmv1

    Wow - way to misquote. I never heard him promise anything. Its a sad day when biased opinions are passed off as news.

  • Laszlo Lebrun
    Laszlo Lebrun

    I really hope that this dreadful fierce killing virus will be defeated by jan20,2021. Earlier would have been better.

  • Easy Money Music
    Easy Money Music


  • Niloufar Entertainment
    Niloufar Entertainment


  • Alec Graves
    Alec Graves

    Wow. Actual reporting. Good work, this is what journalism should be!

  • Gabo H
    Gabo H

    Why ABC is so shit?

  • dathorus1

    Now the US is at 126k

    • cocacola7845

      And 2,400 Dead

  • Infinity

    That's guy in the suit what a douche bag fake try hard wanna be tosser

  • buddhastaxi666

    its a health care crisis... Trump removed the Pandemic Response unit.

  • BatistaR0X

    Laughing stock of the world.. congrats MAGA no.1

  • funyguy

    On the 11 September 2001 America stopped all air travel in out and around it's nation and closed all it's borders ,. If only you had done the same against this new invisible enemy ,...

  • Rick Kinsman
    Rick Kinsman

    How very predictable; the ABC takes every chance to misrepresent everything the president says, shitcans his every attempt to encourage and motivate the nation, and totally ignores all the good, sensible things he is doing. All the while contrasting him with a mean spirited communist (Cuomo) who selfishly demanded Trump give him all the available respirators in the country, and to hell with everyone else. You are the most despicable people on the planet.

  • Yunie Corn
    Yunie Corn

    wtf. murrica so stone age. your government has been hijacked by terrorists. it's the land of the fee, home of the slaves. your "freedom" remains as far away as your universal healthcare. if you think you're free, try to park some place and remain in your car for an hour. if you think you're free, try collecting your rainwater. if you're free, try to chat in front of some store with a buddy for an hour or two. your "freedom" is a farce... don't get me wrong. it's not much different here. but at least i'm not delusional about it. the nazis won, really. that's what it is. this money religion rules over everyone and everything. and who's got a lot of that imaginary money stuff? that's right. corporations. the dudes who pay for legislation in their favor - not yours.

  • Jaime Reimúndez - Airapro Producións
    Jaime Reimúndez - Airapro Producións

    Let’s make America great again 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  • Joe Young
    Joe Young

    Trump doesn't give a shit about anything except money.

  • Paul Makinson
    Paul Makinson

    Anything that involves a collective and organized response which can only be coordinated by the government is considered "socialism" in the US. Unfortunately, when confronting a large scale crisis like large scale war (not bombing some third world nation to bits as done until now), environmental disaster, economic collapse, a pandemic, it is the only efficient response. The cold war anti-communist propaganda has been so effective so as to render this type of response very difficult. This has turned the US into a fragile giant.

  • Travis M
    Travis M

    You guys are sensationalizing a catastrophe. End your tone inflection and keep yourself calm. You’re as bad as FOX and CNN. This feels like watching PewDiePie giving a briefing. Just garbage.

  • Jeff Ferguson
    Jeff Ferguson

    Keep drinking the kool-aid from fake news like this people.

  • Jeff Ferguson
    Jeff Ferguson

    And yet only a few weeks ago Trump puts a ban on travel from China and the libtards call him racist.

  • HellsDumpling

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1298">21:38</a> Correction: today we know that patient 0 of the spanish flu was from Kansas. So it's more likely that the US soldiers brought the disease to Europe rather than bringing it back to the US. The name "spanish flu" was given to the desease because at that time only the spanish press was allowed to talk about it (war censorship).

  • Joe Y
    Joe Y

    I had a feeling the old Kurt Russell movies "Escape from New York" and "Escape From L.A." would come true one day. Too bad Snake Plisken is now old enough to be in the high risk category

  • Kerry Abrams
    Kerry Abrams

    The virus is crippling the world and it seems all the government's around the world can only have a go at each other instead of working together. Stop acting like babies. This virus is a war all governments around the world fight it together.

  • Brian Wurch
    Brian Wurch

    Stardate August 2020 roving bands of Martial Law Justice Warriors shoot on sight any one who was reported sneezing or coughing or 'breathing funny." Granny died anyways, naturally of something else. Candles and matches and bullets are the new toilet paper now here in August. The plague infested starving rats grew bold in the big cities as their food sources were choked off in the lock down. Running the streets and into apartments that smelled of food. Funny did the first virus did not spread first domestically in China before boarding on international planes. The news man said "Two white guys in MAGA hats' are to blame for new stone age and dead bodies rotting in street, creating new diseases, THE BIG BLACK RAT PLAGUE.

  • Arnis

    Masks can be cleaned to 100% with proper solution. Do not throw them away. It takes some time but it can be done.

  • King Dakota
    King Dakota

    Great segment excellent points

  • Eva Sartorius
    Eva Sartorius

    Venezuela wouldn't be in such rough shape if it wasn't for American sanctions. One figure put it at 40K dead because of them.

  • Good Ol' Boy
    Good Ol' Boy

    The virus ain't coming to the Dixie. We got shotguns, rifles and our fat wives done bought up all the toilet paper at Walmart. Murica Murica!

  • Good Ol' Boy
    Good Ol' Boy

    Alex Jones, you need to stop growing your beard to compensate for your bald head.


    Always an anti trump agender....zzzzzzz

  • A M
    A M

    World has shutdown already. Jobs gone , businesses closed ,

    • Thomas Turner
      Thomas Turner

      Somebody did something...

  • Koroglu Rustem
    Koroglu Rustem

    What's wrong with America ?? Why do they allow bogus information to go online from people selling bs silver blah ? Come on guys, stop them taking advantage of naive population.

  • party pack
    party pack

    How is it worse than the flu if there is already 10 thousand deaths from the flu so far

  • mario wywiol
    mario wywiol

    Im so impressed with your ability to find great problem to any solution

  • joyce Loesch
    joyce Loesch

    Alex Jones needs silver foil over his thick, dunce head, so that he can receive utra, eery, wave, messages from vicious, viral, vibes, a realm of the slime, blobs.

  • joyce Loesch
    joyce Loesch

    Do you want to find out if Trump is correct about opening our expansive, society? Go out for two weeks or so, and socialialize. Mingle with groups of people... and see if you contract the virus. Do you trust medical professionals or Trump?

  • Mary phelps
    Mary phelps

    OK - THIS GONNA BITE ME LATER , HERE GOES ::::: Going to be a sad shift , Seniors , who Sadly , raise children , THINK ABOUT IT. . !

  • Edward Chesser
    Edward Chesser

    Ok, I like the British, but what the hell are these to men, who are obviously not Americans.....unless the were recently naturalized, sitting in a room with our flag, talking negative things about our nation?

  • Grozaaïmid

    December 31: COVID virus outbreak reported in China January 22: “ And we have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.” January 24: “ “It will all work out well.” January 30: “ “We have it very well under control. We have very little problem in this country at this moment - five. And those people are all recuperating successfully.” January 31: “ Well, we pretty much shut it down coming in from China. We have a tremendous relationship with China, which is a very positive thing. Getting along with China, getting along with Russia, getting along with these countries.” February 10: “Looks like by April, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away,” February 19: “ I think the numbers are going to get progressively better as we go along.” February 23: “ very much under control,” and added: “We had 12, at one point. And now they’ve gotten very much better. Many of them are fully recovered.” February 26: “ We’re going down, not up. We’re going very substantially down, not up.” February 27: “ It’s going to disappear. One day - it’s like a miracle - it will disappear.” March 2: “We’re talking about a much smaller range” March 4: “It’s very mild,” March 7: “I’m not concerned at all.” March 10: “It will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away.” March 13 : Trump declares nationаl emergency

    • StAttus Groov3 Tube
      StAttus Groov3 Tube

      I bet you think your accurate😂

  • mark tony lindo
    mark tony lindo

    VERY scary politicians and scientists

  • Bee be Cee
    Bee be Cee

    Let Quack Doctor Trump go to work, the rest of us will stay home on voluntary isolation. Bet you his next move would be to threaten non conformist with pending UBI.

  • TheLoucM

    a week ago: 6411, Now: 53205 2 days later 104007

  • Anthony Hayman
    Anthony Hayman

    this video is 3 days old and they already have 32k extra in 3 days l00000000l

  • tallaganda83

    If this crisis has taught us anything it is that we need to reduce our reliance on China. Medical goods should be manufactured locally where possible and we should start moving manufacturing to India, SE Asia and Africa to diversify. The fact China silenced the whistleblowers while allowing thousands of people to travel throughout the world months after they knew about this should never be forgotten.

  • Stoffe:mollan

    Why is not UV light used to sanitise masks at hospitals?

  • the last wild one
    the last wild one


  • Alexandra Wordsworth
    Alexandra Wordsworth

    After the black death in medieval period there was a peasants revolution in England and feudalism was reduced as half population of Europe was reduced. Trump ought to look at history in regard too what can happen to economy

  • Glenn Martin
    Glenn Martin


  • Gary Pylant
    Gary Pylant


  • Liam

    Orange Man Bad, same story , never changes. This station is negative and boring, and fake,

  • Pauli Ahonen
    Pauli Ahonen

    There are worse things than dying. For sure

  • Catherine Amerit
    Catherine Amerit

    America stop burking and take immediate action, you are already loosing and China is taking over. Some of us can not bare being under China. You are talking a lot of nothing take action

  • Ben Fullgrabe
    Ben Fullgrabe

    At what point can we de-fund the ABC and put that money to good use? How much does this trash cost anyway?

  • Kimifromcali